How a Vacation Rental Management Company Makes Rentals Easier in Coral Springs, FL

How a Vacation Rental Management Company Makes Rentals Easier in Coral Springs, FL

2022 saw the largest number of visitors to Florida in the state's history - 137 million people.

These are eye-popping numbers, especially if you own an investment property somewhere in the Sunshine State. South Florida is home to the vast majority of these tourists, so the time is right to turn your Coral Springs investment into a short-term rental.

You may not have the time to dedicate to managing a short-term rental, but hiring a vacation rental management company makes it easy. In today's post, we'll explain how these services work to provide extra income from your Coral Springs property.

Handling Property Maintenance

One of the most challenging responsibilities for a vacation property owner is the maintenance associated with them. Short-term rentals go through an inordinate amount of wear and tear when compared with owner-occupied or even normal renter-occupied homes.

You'll need someone to thoroughly clean the property after each stay. A vacation property manager can handle these tasks with ease. If there's anything they can't handle themselves, such as repairs, they'll have a vendor who can do it.

Finding Renters

For a vacation property to remain lucrative, you need to fill vacancies. Even though tourism numbers are off the charts, you still need to put the work in to beat the competition.

Vacation property marketing is all about making your property stand out from the rest. You need to stage the home, take professional photos, and write an enticing listing to appeal to a large number of renters.

A property manager can do all of this and put your listing on the right sites to get noticed. They can optimize the listing for maximum engagement and searchability. You'll rarely see vacancies when you put this kind of extra work into marketing.

Amazing Guest Services

Finding renters is one part of the job. Once they're secured, you need to dazzle them with amazing guest services. The most important aspect of good guest services is availability.

Property managers are highly trained in hospitality. Everything from check-in/check-out to on-site amenities will be perfect so that your guests leave having had the perfect experience in Coral Springs.

Pricing and Accounting

One challenging part of running a vacation rental is pricing your unit so that it's always occupied. Even in Coral Springs, there are busy times and slower times, so you need to employ dynamic pricing to ensure bookings keep coming.

Using the latest technology, a vacation rental manager can properly price your unit based on countless factors. They'll also handle bookkeeping and accounting duties, so you just sit back and collect your money after each successful stay.

Use the Best Vacation Rental Management Company in Coral Springs

These are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a vacation rental management company to run your Coral Springs rental home. There are dozens of property managers in South Florida, but only PMI South Florida can maximize your vacation rental.

We're a full-service property manager offering a wide range of property management services. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.