HOA Evictions in Coral Springs, Florida: Understanding the Process

HOA Evictions in Coral Springs, Florida: Understanding the Process

Homeowners associations are typically responsible for enforcing community rules, maintaining common areas, and collecting fees from homeowners. However, in some cases, HOAs may also be responsible for evicting residents who violate the HOA regulations of the community.

For homeowners facing an HOA eviction, understanding the process is critical to avoiding mistakes that could lead to a difficult and costly eviction. For members of an HOA dealing with a troublesome tenant, understanding your legal rights in Coral Springs can help you navigate the process properly, too.

Here's what to know and how to navigate or avoid HOA evictions.

What Are Homeowners Assessments?

If you own a condo, townhome, or house in a larger community, you likely have to join the local homeowners associate.

As part of your membership, you pay membership fees, which are called dues or "assessments." Your HOA Declaration, which you got when you bought your property, should explain these.

However, the following are usually part of your assessments:

  • Regular monthly, quarterly, or annual fees
  • Money for things like insurance, snow removal, lawn care, and fixing things
  • Charges for HOA paperwork, like sending bills or copies of records

Sometimes, your monthly payment might also cover the following:

  • Fees if you're late with payments
  • Fines for breaking HOA rules
  • Additional charges for making late payments

Knowing about these assessments helps you understand the costs of being part of your community. It also ensures you avoid late fees or fines for breaking the rules. Both could put you at risk of HOA removal.

Consequences for Failing to Comply with HOA Regulations

When a homeowner doesn't pay their HOA fees or ignores HOA violation fines, the HOA, or the team managing the HOA, can add extra charges like interest or penalties. If this continues, the homeowner might face foreclosure, where their home is sold to pay the HOA debt.

If the fees are wrong, the homeowner can challenge them in court. Additionally, financially struggling homeowners can ask for payment plans or fee deferrals.

HOA Evictions: Can HOAs Evict Tenants?

Yes, HOA evictions are legal and valid, at least in Florida. More specifically, though, in Florida, HOAs can only evict tenants for non-payment, not for other issues.

They'll typically inform homeowners before tenants, as they're the ones who've committed to HOA rules. Regardless, if you're a landlord, you must inform tenants of rules and fines upfront, preferably in the rental agreement. If you're unsure how to manage your tenants properly, consider investing in tenant screening to ensure you choose the best tenants.

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