5 Quick Tips for More Productive HOA Meetings

5 Quick Tips for More Productive HOA Meetings

In theory, HOAs have the power to improve the lives and community experiences of all of its members. In reality, more than half of homeowners with an HOA aren't as satisfied as they'd like to be.

If you're on your HOA board and hearing rumblings of dissatisfaction in the community, it's time to push for change. Improved community outreach can provide the feedback and direction you need to improve.

How can you foster community engagement? HOA meetings are one of the most important tools in an HOA's toolbox, so long as you're running them properly.

Read on for five tips that will improve your HOA meetings and your HOA, overall.

1. Invite Your Community

In the state of Florida, it's a legal requirement that all HOA meetings are open to all HOA members. If you're holding meetings without allowing neighborhood participation, you're missing out on opportunities to connect and breaking the law. Make sure that you hold meetings in accessible areas that make space for your neighbors and consider live streaming your meetings for a better turnout.

2. Have Reports in Order

Some HOA members report dissatisfaction with their HOA due to a seeming lack of organization. If you're struggling to stay on top of accounting, reporting, vendor coordination, and compliance measures, partner with HOA management. We can improve the day-to-day and ensure that you're prepared for every HOA meeting this year.

3. Create an Agenda

While it's reasonable to hold one or two open sessions per year, most HOA meetings should have a set agenda. For example, you might hold a meeting to discuss a major event or community addition (e.g., a pool or park). Creating an agenda creates order and encourages both board members and members to stay on topic to accomplish a shared goal.

4. Send Out Follow-Up Briefs

It's important that someone takes notes during your HOA meetings to create a record of what was discussed, what was voted upon, and what opinions were shared. Use these notes to further community engagement by sending out a follow-up brief via email to all of your members. This will increase transparency and track your HOA's accomplishments.

5. Keep Meetings Concise

If you want members to start attending meetings, you need to hold efficient meetings. That means staying on target with your agenda and preventing a single person from dominating the conversation. By creating efficiency, you can actually get more accomplished while creating less confusion and friction.

Improve Your HOA for Better HOA Meetings

HOA meetings are the cornerstone of any successful HOA. During these meetings, the board can come together with members to discuss priorities, vote on new HOA regulations, and make sure that everyone's best interests are represented. Use these tips to improve your HOA meetings and create more goodwill between your board and your members.

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